How God Rules ~ A World in Chaos


Kingdom Concepts by John E. Schrock

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In this booklet John Schrock shares the operating system of to the kingdom of God. So often, we understand how to enter the kingdom of God, but we don’t recognize that there is a citizenship of God’s kingdom when we become sons of God and heirs to the kingdom.

John Schrock is a shining example of God’s principles at work. Not only does he operate many successful companies employing thousands of people, but John also is an Elder in his church and functions in many local and state political events. He truly understands God’s jurisdictions.

Over the years John has been asked to share his insights and perceptions on the Kingdom of God. He is not afraid to tackle controversial issues. John will not only explain how something works, but also why it works. We encourage you to mark this book as you read it and to meditate on underlying truths or questions. This book is part of the Kingdom

Concepts series and is designed to give you balance in your belief system.

The world was designed with a powerful operating system. By discovering it, you will find that your destiny is in your hands.

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