The 7 Pillars of Success & Wisdom for Today Bundle

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The 7 Pillars of Success: 7 Vows That Will Change Everything! What if you were given 7 golden pillars of success? What if you were personally mentored by ordinary people who experienced extraordinary success? What if you were invited to be part of a global movement that is changing the world? Today is your day! Take the transformational journey with Nestor Ochoa as he discovers that “success must come through you before it comes to you”.

Wisdom for Today’s Leaders—From the Book of Proverbs: Have you been seeking a plan for success in your life? This booklet will build you from the inside out rather than simply create an illusion of confidence. These are God’s laws for success…success not only in the business world but also in the personal areas such as family, friends and finances. These principles reveal nuggets of truth valuable in all forms of human relations.


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